Immigration to Montenegro

Montenegro attracts not only the azure waters of the Adriatic, but also the opportunity to start a successful business. The country has a low crime rate, but development is proceeding at a rapid pace. Not surprisingly, more than 30,000 real estate objects (according to unofficial statistics) located in the republic are owned by Russians.

Immigration policy of the state

The government is loyal to foreigners and encourages investment. A visa is not required to visit and stay in the republic for 30 days. If you need to stay more than a month, you can get a visa (that is, crossing the border to return to the country).

Many Russians move to Montenegro for permanent residence. The most common reasons for moving are:

  • training;
  • work;
  • reunion with relatives;
  • starting a business.

Long-term stay in the territory of the state presupposes obtaining a residence permit. The easiest way is to buy real estate in Montenegro. Then the residence permit can be issued according to the simplified scheme. Despite the fact that housing is the main condition for the issuance of borovka, it is not necessary to be the owner. You can rent living space. Among other conditions: health insurance, no criminal record, a bank account with 3650 euros. Permanent residence must be extended annually. It is undesirable to interrupt it, otherwise in the future there may be problems with obtaining permanent residence.

Permanent residence: conditions and registration

After living in Montenegro for 5 years, foreign citizens can apply for permanent residence. At the same time, all the requirements applicable to obtaining a residence permit are retained, but others are also added:

  • no violations of the residence permit (there were no delays in extensions and breaks);
  • knowledge of the language;
  • absence in the country should not exceed 10 months for all 5 years.

The package of documents is submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs personally by the applicant. The exception is the confirmed incapacity of the applicant. In the case of registration of the right to permanent residence through the device to work, the documentation can be sent by the employer. The permit is accepted within 6 months, but the applicant is issued a certificate with which he can legally stay in the territory of the republic all this time. Period of permanent residence is 5 years.

After that, foreigners can apply for citizenship and a Montenegrin passport. Thus, to become a citizen of Montenegro, you need to live in it for 10 years, complying with all requirements. There is one nuance here: the applicant must renounce citizenship in his home country.

Immigration and obtaining a Montenegrin passport through investment

In 2018, a project was launched to obtain citizenship for investment. This will help raise the economy, develop new regions, create jobs, increase the level of welfare of the republic.

Any foreign citizen can become a participant of the program:

  • invested 450 thousand euros in development projects of coastal areas and Podgorica or invest 250 thousand in the development of central and northern regions;
  • made a charitable contribution to a specially created State Fund in the amount of 100 thousand euros;
  • who paid the state duty: for himself - 15 thousand, for each family member - 10 thousand.


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