Construction sites in Germany need electricians, plumbers, specialists in heating or air conditioning. There is a lack of plastic pipes and plastics, steel and wood, as well as insulation materials.

  • MAY 10, 2021

According to the survey, many project developers are concerned about delays or downtime due to lack of materials. According to the Federal Association of Independent Real Estate and Housing Companies (BDW), this was the result of a survey of about 1,600 companies. According to this, almost 90 per cent of responses indicate a "significant shortage of wood, insulation and steel".

"We note with concern that there is almost no wood left," said BFW President Andreas Ibel. "For wood, as well as for steel and insulation materials, the price trend has only one direction - up," he added. This trend must be "urgently stopped until construction is stopped completely."

According to BFW, there is currently a shortage of plastic pipes and plastics. The deficit threatens both new construction projects and repairs. "Our companies are very concerned now," Ibel complained. Terms of delivery of objects are under threat, and financing plans fluctuate. "The delay at many construction sites has been two to four weeks," he explained. The reasons for the deficit are related, among other things, to the sharp increase in demand in China and the United States.

According to a study by the Federal Ministry of Economy, at the same time as the shortage of building materials, there was a shortage of 65,000 skilled workers in the construction industry. The share of vacancies in the construction industry is about 36 percent, which is much higher than in the economy as a whole, and is a solid 27 percent.

According to the Center for Competence for the Employment of Skilled Workers (Kofa) of the German Institute of Economics, which is responsible for research by the ministry, the biggest shortages are electricians, plumbers, heating and air conditioning, automotive technology, wood and furniture construction.

Federal Minister of Economy Peter Altmeier (CDU) advises young people to learn construction professions. "It has become clear how attractive and reliable the professions of qualified professionals are, because they open up reliable prospects even during a crisis," he said.

"A professional diploma is the best unemployment insurance," added Hans Peter Wallsifer, president of the Central Association of German Artisans (ZDH). Masters are desperately sought as successors or employees of the company: "The need for skilled workers is huge."

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