Tips: how to buy real estate in the Czech Republic.

Choosing real estate is a responsible task for any person. And in the case of buying an object abroad, the task seems incredibly difficult. It is difficult for a foreigner to navigate in the Czech Republic if he finds himself in new conditions for the first time. Lack of skill in understanding the national language complicates all preparatory processes. Foreigners do not speak Czech. At best, they speak an international language - English, which is known to many Europeans, including in the Czech Republic.

But in addition to the language barrier, investors expect many other difficulties when buying real estate in the Czech Republic. The main organizational, legal and practical problems that all foreign citizens face when buying an apartment, office or any other object:

  • selection of real estate among hundreds and even thousands of options posted on information sites on the Internet. If it is technically possible to present a photo in the highest quality or a three-dimensional visual model of a building under construction, it seems that all buildings and premises have a perfect technical condition. The buyer can not unconditionally believe the beauty of the picture. You need to see the object with your own eyes. But there is a possibility of a remote choice if to entrust process of selection on parameters to the professional realtor on a point of sale. Interest for services is included in the purchase price;
  • the location of the object should be critically assessed. It is important to understand that the distance from the school, shops, subway, hospital, public transport stops and in general from the city center - significantly affect the quality of life in the purchased apartment;
  • the physical condition of the premises should be assessed not only by a superficial inspection, but by a careful study of all parts and elements of the building and the apartment. Windows, doors, floors, ceilings, pipes and cables, the condition of walls, plasters must be carefully considered;
  • special attention should be paid to acquaintance with the legal status of the real estate object. Such information is available in the open. The room can be pledged. The seller may not be the sole owner of the space. It is best to turn to local lawyers with the task - to analyze the legal aspects in all areas, including the contract of sale;
  • it is important to get acquainted with future neighbors, to talk to them about the problems of the house, about the people living here, about possible conflicts in communication between the owners or tenants of apartments;
  • find out the financial issues of the purchase. Namely, how the payment is planned, whether there is enough money available for all payments, including taxes, services of intermediaries. In case of attracting a bank mortgage loan, - specify directly in the bank all the terms of the loan;
  • in conversations with locals try to find out how safe the location is;
  • it is important to present the prospects for the development of this area, the street.

A rational and reliable way to acquire real estate by foreigners is to turn to professional intermediaries - realtors with legal knowledge and extensive positive experience. A small amount paid for real estate services can be offset by a successful deal with a minimum purchase price with the right choice and preparation.

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