The interest of real estate buyers in the Czech Republic is shifting towards the outskirts of Czech cities.

In the Czech Republic, all types of real estate are in demand in the market. Of particular value is the land for housing. This type of real estate has the property to be always in demand. To have a new house with one or many floors, you need to have a place on the map of the city or town where the object will be built. Land intended for construction can be used for the construction of residential buildings, commercial facilities, production shops, warehouses, office centers.

In the Czech Republic, all types of real estate are in demand and sold to Czechs and foreign investors. If construction sites are profitable only in conjunction with the real estate located on it, then buildings built on the ground can provide income separately for commercial use in active or passive mode. Private construction site is not rented out, so it is impossible to get passive income.

Czech cities have been built up with modern architecture for 2-3 decades in a row. There are almost no vacant plots in the center of any historic city, and mass housing construction is taking place on the outskirts. The former industrial zones of large cities are being modernized in the format of construction by residential complexes and individual houses.

Prague districts №9 and №10 are an example of replacing industrial areas with residential and office buildings, parks, and entertainment venues. Prague is a relatively small city within official boundaries. And 1.3 million people live here. But the number of inhabitants is steadily growing rapidly due to mass migration to the capital of Czechs and foreigners.

The quality of Czech new buildings is beyond doubt, as new technologies and materials are used in construction, which did not exist in socialist times. The architecture is highly original. Identical houses are very rare, and the design of new buildings is based on modern aesthetic trends. On the outskirts of cities, offices, shops, schools, children's institutions, and premises for small businesses in the field of public services are being built in parallel with residential buildings. On good roads by excellent public transport to get anywhere in the city is not difficult, so the Czechs prefer to buy new apartments on the outskirts of the city or even in the suburbs. Especially since the price of such facilities is about twice lower than for similar housing in the center.

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