5 rules for buying real estate in Spain.

July 24, 2018

If you decide to realize your dream of having a house by the sea, a comfortable apartment with a beautiful view or a townhouse in a pleasant area with convenient infrastructure, use these rules to make your dream journey as direct, short and not take much time and nerves.

  1. Tune in to work, not rest

Of course, going to the sunny coast of the hospitable Costa Blanca, you draw in your head pictures of the beach and rest. All this, of course, you will still have, however, in order for your trip to buy real estate was successful, get ready for work. It should not be treated as a vacation. "I'll go, rest, at the same time and choose a suitable home, and then come to it during the holidays or move," - is a big misconception.

Choosing a property is more like working with specific tasks and a very specific result. As it is impossible to sit on two chairs at the same time, it will not be possible to qualitatively combine vacation with the choice of real estate. These are completely different classes.

  1. Plan your time and get rid of other things

Plan a trip to the Costa Blanca for 4 days. In our experience, this time is enough to choose the right property for you and draw up documents for further transactions.

You don't need it anymore. More time - more doubt. The longer you watch, the harder it becomes for you to make a decision.

Usually in 4 days we go through 5 important stages with clients:

  • Acquaintance, selection of objects under your inquiries and wishes.
  • Initial inspection of objects, during which you will decide what exactly does not suit you.
  • Elimination of inappropriate options.
  • Secondary inspection of suitable real estate and decision making.
  • Obtaining a NIE (foreigner identification number), opening a bank account and issuing a power of attorney for the transaction (if necessary), making a deposit.

If it is possible to leave children and grandchildren at home, use it. Traveling with young children greatly complicates the process of choosing a property. If you have a rush at work, finish things and only then come. Otherwise, problems at work will greatly distract you, you will not be able to concentrate, and as a result you may regret that you chose the wrong housing.

  1. Trust the professionals

Trust our thirty years of experience. We have repeatedly heard stories about how unique each client's situation is. Thanks to many years of experience, qualified managers and constantly improving service system, we have learned to find an approach to each client and to each unique situation. Often the client buys not the object that he presented at the first meeting, and then thanks us for the fact that we insisted and helped him make the right choice. When making a decision, listen to the professionals.

  1. Don't try to watch everything and with everyone

We, as a real estate agency, understand perfectly well that clients want to see the maximum number of objects so that there is something to choose from. To this end, they turn to all available agencies.

This often leads to the fact that future buyers are literally flooded with various objects from which it is impossible to choose. Each agency works in its own way, which leads to buyers being overwhelmed by agents on all sides, sometimes giving completely opposite arguments. Such grief-buyers are literally dizzy. As a result, the choice does not always fall on the object that is suitable.

It is important to remember that many self-respecting agencies have their own specialization in which they are the best. We have, for example, the Punta Prima area. We know literally every house here. We have an extensive partner network, and there have been cases where we have redirected our clients to other agencies, if we understand that there they will better choose a property for themselves.

  1. Make a decision

Set a goal before the trip. We do not insist that the client necessarily return from the trip with a preliminary contract. However, it is important for us to get a clear answer: "yes" or "no".

In each of the two cases, we will be able to build further tactics of action to achieve the result. Sometimes the perception of a client who comes to the Costa Blanca for the first time is very different from what he sees live on the coast. The price, features of a structure of the Spanish real estate, other factors which the client could not consider, being at home can not suit. It is not a problem if after viewing the property the client goes home without making a purchase. If he draws the right conclusions, the second trip will be more productive.

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